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Previous version: 0.35

Current version: Version 0.50

Personal struggles (skip if not interested)

Hey guys, how's it going? This is month 2's dev logs. it hurts to say that this months progress was less then expected.

I try to constantly push myself to be better and faster, but I came to the realization that putting unrealistic expectations and beating myself up for not meeting them was only making me harm. I guess I had to accept that I'm not as skilled as I want to be.

I had allot going on in my personal life this month, I reconnected with some childhood friends, several social events, and then physical and mental health difficulties. It sucks that I tend to break so easily, and comparing myself to others isn't fair either, we were build different and had different lives that shaped us in what we are today.

I try to avoid these kinds of posts the most I can, but I figured that being honest is the best option, so for anybody that cares well now you know.

Build update

This month I worked mainly on tiles, and designing decoration objects, there were some minor coding improvements and a new enemy was implemented. Here is a detailed list of what was made.


-Main tile set

-Background tile set


-Parallax background water pieces (five variants)

-Palm trees (2 variants)

-Sun flower

-Small red flower

-Generic plant


-Stone pillars (4 variants)

-Turtle enemy

-Octopus enemy

-Many failed enemy designs

Other stuff

-Chase enemy - chases the player and shoots a projectile that harms you

-Decorated the first level

-Fixed a soft lock that would occur when landing near a wall while angled at a high speed, have no idea why it happened but it's gone

-If you happen to launch yourself to space and get sucked by gravity by some bizarre angle, you will now be able to come back to earth after 3 seconds of being off screen.

-The push given when jumping up hill is now relative to your speed instead of the fixed 500px

Well that for today. Hopefully next month will be allot more smoother.

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