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Hey guy's it's been a while, probably a little to late but it's better than never right?

First of all I want to thank everybody that played, rated and commented my funny frog game. I know I don't reply to all of you but I do read everything.

I have read all of your criticism and issues with the game, the unintuitive controls, the glitches, small hitboxes and the difficulty were the most common complaints with Frog to the moon. For various reasons the game ended up as it did, some intentional and some not. Changing things would only mean changing even more stuff just to balance out the changes, and for a project as small as this it's just better to start something else from scratch, using everything the community pointed out and not make the same mistakes.

I thank you all for your honesty, everybody that took the time to write down their thoughts about the game. In the end of the day I realize that your opinion is what most matters because I would be lying if I said I make these for myself, they wouldn't even be on the internet in the first place. Together we can make some pretty cool stuff!

On a side note I'm sorry for staying quite for so long, life has been complicated as always. I have a hard time communicating because of the language barrier and some other emotional brain stuff that you have probably heard a thousand times. I try to keep all my problems, insecurities and negativity to myself, so when I'm gone without an explanation it's probably because I'm fighting my demons and trying to become a normal human being, and because it. I come back eventually!

More stuff is currently on the works and for the millionth time I'm gonna try and be more active and try connect more with the community

Thank you Tom Fulp for the amazing support, you were the spark of hope that kept my ambitions alive. You didn't have to care but you did it anyways and that was awesome so thank you <3

And thank you Newgrounds community for giving the funny frog game a chance even if it made the most of you angry lol

See ya around folks




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